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You’ve been doing the “inner work,” whether that be talk therapy or every modality you could get your hands on; you name it, you’ve done it. (#Nojudgement)...
And perhaps you’ve seen glimmers of “I’m so lit up by my life!”, but it STILL feels like something’s missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it. 

I’m not a mind reader.

(ok, maybe sometimes - just ask my wife), but my best guess is that...

Because has your path looked like this lately?

Being top of class at People Pleasing 101 because getting praised for your ability to say “YES” gives you that external validation you're used to receiving

Falling into pits of anger and frustration that bubble over and unintentionally exploding mean word-darts at people you love, like your kids for ignoring your instructions to go to bed (for the 4th time) 

Taking #allthecerts and having "done the work," but still feeling a liiiittle triggered by people who look so damn lit up by their lives. You think, “That should be me!”

anNoyED, for no reason, has *never* left the chat even after reading all the top 10 personal development books on your Kindle (yes, even Joe Dispenza's Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself)

The words "woe is me" lives rent free in your brain - it's easier to think that the reason others are capable of achieving the life you want is because they were born "magnetic" and you weren’t

Everyone says, "Don't worry about what others think of you, just be you!" but to you, this feels like mission impossible

Long story short, it feels like you're living in a box of rules and perceptions of how “perfect” *should* look

If any emotions came up while reading these,

I want to say that I’m proud of you; it takes a deeper self-awareness to admit that you struggle with these things. 

After working with hundreds of clients, I’m telling you right now that not many people are willing to accept and change, EVEN IF it means breaking their limiting cycles and changing their lives. 


You've *probably* been led to believe that by deep-diving into your traumas and understanding them, you'll finally be able to say, "We are never, ever getting back together!" to the vicious patterns you feel chained to.

If you’re going to chase the life you want, you have to believe in yourself more than you believe in anything else.

black sheep to black sheep?

can i be honest with you,

Being true to who you are will be uncomfortable…

Because the road to being undoubtedly and fiercely committed to your purpose will require the courage to:

→ Piss people off
→ Let your family down
→ Burn bridges 

Living a life true to yourself is the final act of self-liberation.

What if I told you that your true essence was once baked in the stars and designed by the laws of the universe, and all you had to do was be willing to learn and understand how you were made?

Would you finally say “yes” to breaking your Matrix?

This Could Be YOU.

A 16-week, immersion and self-paced course for my fellow black sheep, spiritual explorer, and freedom seeker who wants to break free from the “I should” conditioning cage and honor their unique design so they can walk out of their front door every day knowing they’re living their life true to themselves.

welcome to...

One of my highest touch programs at this price point.


Pillar 1

You can’t expect to live in true alignment without coming face to face with all the “armors” of conditioning you’ve been carrying around. To remember who you *truly* are underneath all the programming, we’ll have to Marie Kondo your past life, limiting beliefs, and generational trauma. You’ll walk away having discovered the true meaning of your Matrix and how it has shaped your perception of reality.


The Past


Pillar 2

The difference between a personal development junkie and you comes down to ONE thing: surrender. When you detach from the “map” you’ve been led to believe is yours and embrace the inherent power of your human design and astrological chart, you’ll walk away with answers that confirm those feelings of “this is me” you’ve been having your whole life. 

Put it this way: it’s like wearing a made-for-you dress instead of trying to fit into a size A off the rack. Through my guidance, you’ll learn how to consciously harness that innate intuition so you can *finally* fully embody your “I know exactly what I want to do, and I don’t care what anyone thinks” self.


The Maps


Pillar 3

Now that you’ve discovered a massive misconception of yourself, I’ll tell you that you can’t think your way out of those “armors” of conditioning. Imagine if this journey you’re on was a scavenger hunt, you’re running on 0 sleep, and you’re jacked up on Redbull. How do you think that would end up? 

Sounds like an ending straight out of Final Destination, if you ask me. The old paradigm of healing is no longer the end-all, which is why I’m here to guide you on how somatic tools like breathwork, yoga, meditation, and mindful eating can be transformative portals to quantum leap you out of the Matrix.


The Vehicles


Pillar 4

And now, my favorite part. You're a blank canvas, and it's time to paint and live out your "Pinch me! Is this for real?" life. Now, I know manifestation is probably not new to you. You're probably thinking, "Yeah, I know what works, like imagining money out as money coming in, counting my blessings, etc." and I'm telling you - you've never been taught manifestation like this before. I'm here to bridge the gap between manifestation and visualization and walk you through aligning your magnetic and electric frequency with your deepest desires. 

back to 1

The Future

Your paradigm to coming home to your deepest self looks like: 

The Four Pillars of Transformation

There’s life before Breaking the Matrix 

And there’s life after.

Portals apart. 

Operating from a neutral state, like no longer feeling a dopamine hit over each transaction because you’re grounded in knowing that success is part of your life’s context

Saying YES to what your intuition guides you to and NO to what doesn’t align with your life because now, you get you

Breaking your “I want to burn everything to the ground” bi-weekly cycle because now you’re living unapologetically (like packing your entire life and moving to Mexico), even if it doesn’t make sense to your mom or neighbor, Betty

Falling in love with the parts of you (like your raw and rad rapping talent) the world wanted to hide ‘cause “you’re a mom,” (make it make sense) and finally showing it off because you deeply believe that when you accept yourself, you win

Finding pleasure in the mundane, like slowly sipping your piping hot oat milk latte with honey stirred in while people watching on a park bench

Not feeling like the “odd” one out whether you’re in an online or IRL setting, but even if you were….you don’t frickin’ care because you’re 100% sure of who you are and what you stand for


and imagine what it would feel like to be in true alignment with who you are:

close your eyes

What’s inside Break the Matrix?

Your Breaking The Matrix journey starts here. You’ll get access to 80 (yep, you read that right) in-depth and digestible module drops. Don’t freak out - this curriculum was made to fit your schedule, which means you can consume it on your Peloton or your flight to Italy.

Self-Paced Modules

Black sheep don't let other black sheep who are deeply committed to their growth break through their versions of the matrix alone. As I always say, “Elohim.” All of us or none of us, we're allowed to follow our own paths and still end up together. This will be the space for you to move through any blocks that are keeping you stuck in a certain timeline.

Monthly Live Calls

Get personalized guidance from moi. Now, this isn’t a high-touch container, but there will be a question thread inside Thinkific which you’ll have access to. And on every live call I’ll be choosing 5 people at random to coach.

2-3 Monthly Hot Seat Coaching & Q&A’s with Danielle

This part is optional, but included at no extra cost to you! If you’re a healer who wants to better understand yourself and at the same time help your clients through human design and astrology, this is more advanced training available to you as a bonus.

Human Design and Astrology Certification

"I walked away from that day with a clearer vision of myself and my business."

There truly is nothing like having your mentor devote their entire day and full energy on you and you alone. Having her there 1:1 to dive deep into my business and ME was an invaluable experience. It truly set me up for success. Not only was this day about my business but it was also deep 1:1 conversations about life, healing and growing. I walked away from that day with a clearer vision of myself and my business.

"She has played a pivotal role in both the expansion of my business and the development of my mindset."

I can't help but express my appreciation for my mentor and dear friend, Danielle McCleery. She has played a pivotal role in both the expansion of my business and the development of my mindset. Her kindness, business acumen, and boundless energy are qualities I wish everyone could experience at least once in their lifetime, as they are truly transformative.

"She wasn't afraid to hold back on saying the thing I needed to hear."

Danielle always had the best advice and a truly generative answer for every question and topic. She wasn't afraid to hold back on saying the thing I needed to hear, and while sometimes my ego resisted, I was able to work through limiting beliefs and the tough love to learn the lesson (or at least take steps in that direction).

"I healed parts of me that I didn't know were holding me back."

At first I was scared to leap into an investment for myself because that was never the norm for me (or my business). Investing in Danielle as my mentor, specifically in her mastermind, opened up new doors for me. Not only did I launch and grow my new business, but I healed parts of me that I didn't know were holding me back. Danielle is like the educated and confident best friend you've always wanted- she's cheering you on from the sidelines while guiding you towards building & scaling your dreams. Highly recommend Danielle as a mentor for business and just life in general.

what people are saying

And the moment you truly know yourself? You win. 


I’m living proof of that.

I am really glad you’ve somehow stumbled on my corner of the internet. My purpose in this human existence is really to support as many people as I can in becoming the most authentic version of themselves. I think that’s probably why I’ve pivoted so many times.

Hey, I’m Danielle McCleerey, your quantum coach.

Also, sidebar- if when you hear PIVOT, you don’t immediately think of Ross, Rachel and Chandler trying to get a couch up a stairwell, we may have to rethink our friendship.

Anyway, It starts with seeing something online more frequently. Maybe it’s a topic, maybe it’s a conversation, maybe it’s a certain way of life… Whatever it is, you’re ready to not follow trends. 

You’re ready to move beyond content that follows one idea. You probably find yourself thinking “I think we are missing the point”, or feeling like you’re missing something, often. I have a theory. Maybe the Matrix was never for you in the first place. I know it’s not for me. I have been questioning the status quo my whole life. The difference is that now, I know this is a calling, and not “what’s wrong with me”. 

Which is why I wanted to create something monumental: "Break The Matrix."

This isn't just another course.

It's the key to unlocking a life where you're not just surviving, but thriving — spiritually, energetically, unapologetically YOU.

Question, will you lean into the pull? 

Imagine transcending every loop, pattern, or cycle that's ever held you back. Feel that hunger for something more? That's exactly why you're here.

i'm leaning in!



    Everything is recorded and it’s also why we have a dedicated question thread so in case you can’t make it, you’ll at least hear your questions answered. You’ll have access to the program forever as well so that IF the day comes that you feel yourself falling back into old patterns, you’ll have the tools to break through the matrix…but I highly doubt you’ll need to again. 

    What if I can’t make the live calls? 

    You’ll get an opportunity to receive personalized support during hot seat coaching, but if you want to get high-touch (like, literally) coaching, join me in Costa Rica for the Retreat to Remember. You’ll find all the details and pricing for the retreat here. 

    Will there be personalized support?

    It is similar to shadow work, but is a more holistic approach since we’re including human design and astrology. The main goal of this program is for you to ditch the shadows and move toward the light.

    Is this the same as shadow work?

    To be spiritual means you are co-created and that you’re connected to someone higher than yourself. If you don’t associate with this at all, that’s fine. My question is, are you willing to come back to who you are regardless of the armor you carry? Are you willing to get curious that there’s more to consider than what you’ve been taught to believe? 

    Do I need to be spiritual to join this program?

    Break the Matrix is another piece of both of those programs. If you’ve been to several of my programs you know that my goal is always the same - which is for you to create a more aligned and peaceful life. And sure, you get bits and pieces of the “how” in my other courses, but Break the Matrix addresses literally everything you need to lead a fulfilled and authentic life. 

    How is this different from IAP or The Reckoning?

    I don’t think it’s about whether or not we like ourselves. I think it’s whether or not we are aware of patterns that we are currently in that may or may not be keeping us in an unwanted loop. We all have programming. It doesn’t matter if you like yourself. The programming that you have potentially keeps you from living the life that you truly want, not the one that is expected of you.

    I will say: this program is not for everyone. If you feel like you do exactly what you want, when you want to do it, just because it’s something on your heart, then great! Although, if you came to this page, and you are reading this far, my guess is that even if you like yourself, there are certain loops or patterns or tendencies that you’d like to part ways with. 

    What if I like myself? Why would I want to change myself?