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Ready for the next evolution of your business?

The mastermind for entrepreneurs ready for big numbers, big growth, and big support. 

 Do you know what’s possible for you? Truly, do you know in your bones what is possible for you and your business? 

I thought I did. 

When I launched my business, I craved growth. I knew I wanted it to be a capital T THING. I wanted to serve thousands of people and create spaces where myself and others could be seen, understood, and valued, but more importantly - I wanted to create spaces where the standard was seeing yourself. 

I truly did not know what was possible back then… I do now. And I want you to ask yourself:  

What would change for you if you finally invested BIG in not just your business, but yourself? 

What would happen if you chose to heal the wounds we all have inside while also breaking free of the cycles and loops we often get stuck in? 

How different could things be if you made the choice to keep going regardless of whether your business is up or down or feeling like it’s going completely sideways? 

Your answers will be deeply personal, and only you can decide what they are. 

And only the Scale to $ix Mastermind can help you turn those answers into reality. 

Scale to $ix is a space by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs like you who are ready to focus on one thing: your evolution

Everyone’s evolution is different, but we all start on the same path: a journey to six-figures and beyond. The beyond is key, because while six figures per year is amazing, it’s just the beginning. I want you to reach 6 figures per month. Because that’s where I think you can go. 

Inside Scale to $ix you can expect a ton of personalized accountability and support, including: 

Daily Slack support
Bi-weekly Skills Calls
3 Group coaching calls a month
1 Full Moon Astro chat per month
Quarterly Virtual retreats
Monthly strategy trainings 
Co-working sessions 
Access to an on demand library of all my masterclasses and programs 
Accountability and checkins from other members of your pod 

Craving more? Want all of this AND Private coaching calls with me? 
I got you. 
I have a VIP option that offers exactly this. 


I used to have no concept of what was possible in the digital world of entrepreneurship. I knew that I wanted to build an incredible business, and I thought 300k a year would be insane (and it is). 

Then, I joined a mastermind where the average income was 100k PER MONTH and I expanded in that exact moment. 

Since then I’ve reached a whole new level in business, and that is in large part because of that expansion. 

What field are you playing on? Where is your belief? 

Because I promise — you can go bigger. This mastermind is that space where your belief expands. A space where you EVOLVE. And ultimately - what you will get paid for is your evolution. 

When you intentionally put yourself in a space where big brags, and big numbers are the norm, you no longer feel incapable of it. 

When you intentionally put yourself in spaces where honest conversations about fears and hesitations are the norm, you no longer get paralyzed by those triggers. 

In Scale to $ix, big numbers, big brags, big growth and BIG support are the vibes, and we play in the frequency of expansion and money. 

It’s time you take your brand as seriously as you know you can, and expand your capacity for more. Scale to $ix is where we make it happen.

Hey, I’m Danielle McCleerey, your quantum coach.

I am trained in Human Design, Trauma Healing, Astrology, Reiki, Meditation, and Wealth Energetics, all of which have really brought me back from a pretty epic burnout. I left SoulCycle after 10 years, and got real clear on my vision and my boundaries. Since 2019, I’ve built 3 multi-six-figure businesses- one in network marketing, one coaching business, and a top-rated podcast that’s close to 250K downloads.

What I am really interested in is you living a life that turns you on and having a business that is a full body yes. I want to help you leave the matrix of what's "normal" for work. Through all of my education and experience, I will guide you and give you the tools necessary to scale a massive, sustainable, and sexy business using your intuition and Human Design. 

And yes, I bring all of that and more to Scale to $ix!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have to apply? 
A: Yes, you need to apply for Scale to $ix. Because we curate an elite group of entrepreneurs, we want to make sure everyone is the right fit. 

Q: Is there a time commitment? 
A: When you join Scale to $ix, you can choose between a 6- or 12-month commitment. 

Q: How much is Scale to $ix? 
A: It’s $10k/$20k pay in full or $1800 per month. Extended payment plans are available.  VIP is 15k/ 30k or $2800 per month.

Q: How do I know this is for me? 
A: If this is resonating with you, that’s a pretty good sign! Hit that application button and we can make sure Scale to $ix is right for you. 

Q: What if I want more support? 
A: Go VIP! You can choose from 3 or 6 private 1:1 calls with me in addition to everything you get in Scale to $ix!

Q: What kind of results have your mastermind members seen? 
A: 👇

 Scale to $ix The Mastermind

Welcome to Scale to $ix
The Mastermind

>> Ready to start your evolution? Apply now >>

>> Ready to start your evolution? Apply now >>

>> Ready to start your evolution? Apply now >>

>> Ready to start your evolution? Apply now >>

>> Ready to start your evolution? Apply now >>

Come on in for an in depth private Human Design reading. We will look at your chart, and go over your intuition, your authority, how your energy flows, and more.

Human Design Reading

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"From the moment I met Danielle there was a deep knowing this woman was here for my success!"

"She never once tried to change me. She met me where I was and brought out the thoughts, the beliefs, the dreams I held, then one by one we sorted them into what was serving me and what was holding me back from who I was created to be. No matter the topic or struggle, there was never judgment, even if there were a few tears, but always mutual love and respect. After 12 way too quick weeks, her process enabled me to see more clearly…. To go live out the most beautiful, spirt-filled version of myself."

- Amanda Whittaker

"She has natural instinct to pull out the very best in you and PATIENTLY keeps you moving forward quickly to achieve success"

When the inter-webs brought Danielle to me I wasn’t looking for a coach or a retreat or anything specific…or so I thought. And yet when I did see her -I was in! When I came home from her retreat I declared “I found my people” and that felt so good! The reason her coaching style works for me is that she has the natural instinct to pull out the very best in you and PATIENTLY keep you moving forward Quickly to achieve success. I always knew I had magic to share with the world and Danielle was the perfect coach to help me turn that magic into a successful business. Heck, businesses. 

- Coco Owchar

"She reminds you who the F**K you are and every single thing you are capable of."

Her energy greets you before she does. You feel her before you hear her. She reminds you who the F**K you are and every single thing you are capable of. She does it genuinely. With heart. She is the spark we ALL need. You ignited my fire and that flame can never be put out. You made me whole ON MY OWN. There are not enough words for your magic. And what I know most of all he would be so damned proud.

- Kylie Hough

"she proved to be the best mirror and cheerleader I could have ever asked for in business."

She wasn't scared to call me out on my BS (which was pointing out my hidden fears and limiting beliefs) and she always helped me reframe things so I would find room for growth and improvement. AND she was always excited to celebrate my wins, no matter how small. (And taught me to do the same for myself). She exposed me to things like the laws of the universe, my human design, and vibrational energy. All totally new concepts but things that had made sense to why I was making decisions and feeling the way I was and how that was affecting my business both good and bad.

- Michaelene Sanberg

Working 1:1 is for the self-starting entrepreneur who is not looking for someone to tell them how, rather someone to support them in working through limiting beliefs, strategy hangups, as well as be a source of accountability while scaling their business. The beauty of mentorship is that you gain access to my genius. We walk side by side and we talk about anything and everything. I love using Voxer for these containers because we can really get into the good stuff, and biohack your business.

Private Mentorship

with danielle

see available mentorship options

Private Voxer Mentorship

3 month

This container gives you M-F 9-5 Access to me on Voxer. Can’t wait to meet you! Investment: $10,000. Flexible Pricing Available.

Private Voxer & Calls Mentorship

3, 6, OR 12 MONTHS

This container gives you M-F 9-5 Access to me on Voxer, plus calls as needed per week. (Investment: $20k// $40k//$80k. Flexible Pricing Available.

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Apply Here



In this training, I am giving you 5 tips to creating more full body "YES" in your life, so you can live abundantly and achieve all the success and fulfillment you desire.

5 Ways to Create More Yes in Your Life


5 Ways to Create More Yes in Your Life

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